25 Facts About Me | Christmas Edition

With Christmas literally tomorrow, and me being in the giving mood (and as you can properly tell by the title) todays post is going to be 25 facts about me but with a christmas spin! 

I love reading blog posts like this mostly because I'm super nosy and love getting to know other people better, so i hope from this you learn a little bit more about me. Enjoy!

1. The run up to Christmas is my favourite time of year.
2. I am slightly obsessed with Penguins.
3. On Christmas Eve its family tradition to go a Pantomime this years we are seeing Peter Pan.
4. I am the worst wrapper! 
5. The orange cream & strawberry cream sweets are my favourite from Quality Street.
6. I still make a list for what i would like for Christmas.
7. We still leave a mice pie and sherry out for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve.
8. I still open my Stocking in my Pjs on Christmas Morning.
9. Hot Chocolate, Marshmallows and Whipped Cream is my favourite winter drink.
10. I always like to get dressed up on Christmas Day,
11. and get a different Christmas day dress each year.
12. Christmasy nails is a must.
13. Arthur Christmas is my new favourite christmas film
14. Fairy lights are everywhere in my life around this time of year.
15. I dont actually own a onesie but hoping to get one for christmas this year.
16.  I love winter fashion a lot.
17. Lazy days are a must! 
18. Glitter is everywhere in my life, this time of year.
19. I don't like Christmas Pudding.
20. But love all other Christmas food.
21. Gingerbread is my favourite type of biscuit.  
22. I play the same set of Christmas songs each year.
23. My skin care always gets a lot better in the winter months 
24. I am 19 and still have an advert calendar.
25. Christmas is the best time of year in my opinion! 

I hope you learned a little more about me and enjoyed the Christmas spin i put on it. I would love to get to know all you a lot better as well so comment below so fun christmas facts about yourself.

Merry Christmas 

Much Love


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