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Hello Lovlies,

Today has been a rather boring lazy day and I honestly haven't done much apart from college work and eating gingerbread! However I did have my nails done this morning - a little bit of a pick me up!

While I was having my nails done I was scrolling through social media and came across this quote on Pinterest.


I fell in love with this quote straight away and I believe every girl should be like this. To me I think this quote means that every girl should have the appearance of a princess so a classy girl, who has respect for themselves however if you miss with her then the warrior comes out, and they will stand up for themselves and what they believe in. I think this is a brilliant quote for young teenage girls trying to find themselves in life either its friendship groups, style, or at school but also one for older women. 

Im sorry this was a bit of a boring random post but if you enjoyed it and would like me to do more little 'Quotes Of The Day' then comment below! I hope you have had a lovely day or are having a good day!! 

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Much Love 


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