French Plait Spring Hair Tutorial

Hello Lovlies,

I love the french plait its very girlie and classy and super easy when you have mastered it! I am always trying to find new ways to wear the french plait and new ways to wear my hair as I always have it curled and that can get very boring! 

So today I'd thought that I would share with you how I get my hair looking like this, with the french plait going from the forehead to the crown of the head! 

The things that you will need to create this look are:
Freshly washed or one day old hair
A brush and comb
Little clear hair bands
A curling wand

Firstly you will need to brush through your hair making sure that all the knots and little tangles are all out, this will just make it easier to plait you hair. Once you have brushed all the knots out you what to grab the section of hair on the very top of your head making sure its about 5 inches wide. Brush this section of hair to get rid of any gaps or partings you may have. 

Once it is all lovely a smooth you want to grab a little section from the front of your section and divied that into 3 and just start french plaiting - its like a normal plait but you introduce a new section of hair each time. Once you have plaited all the way to your crown of your head just secure with an clear hair tie - you can now make the plait as messy or neat as you like by pulling section looser or just keeping it how it is!

After you have played around with your plait you can now play around with the hair that is left, there are so many ways you can do with this hair, for example you can put it all up into a bun or curl the very ends or straight in or just keep it quite natural! I curled my ends of hair with just a curling wand i don't know what size mine is but I think its about 1 inch. You could curl it with a bigger wand making lovely big bouncy glamous curls - which would look gorgeous! 

I hoped you like this sort of hair tutorial post and if you'd like me to do some more or try out other hair styles then just like me know! I hope you are all having a lovely day and the weather is lovely wherever you are! 

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Much Love 


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