Weekend Away Make Up Essentials

I love a good weekend away, I love the whole idea of a mini break. Spending just a little bit of time being on holiday without traveling miles and miles and basically just having a good old relax. However I am the worst for packing for a weekend away i either over pack and end up turning up with a massive suitcase or under packing and spending most of my time in boots stocking up on supplies. 

After a couple of tries and errors, I think I have finally got my make up essentials down to a T - well for now anyways - so I thought I would share with you what I take and maybe we can all talk about what each other take. As I am super nosy and love to know what others take in there make up bag. 


I have completely fallen in love with the Naked Run palette and this is the perfect thing to take away with you for a little weekend away with it contain mascara, eyeliner, lipgloss, 5 eye shadows, bronzer, blusher and a highligher!!!! 

Being an over packer the palette just isn't enough and I have to take doubles of everything just in case! 

Much Love 



  1. So much amazing makeup on one place! I love everything especially Naked on the run which I have been dying to try out

    I discovered your blog recently and nominated you for Versatile blog award more info you can find on my blog and let me know if you make this post


    1. You need to try it out for sure you will love it! I have fallen in love with it.
      Thank you so much. I will have to take a look and let you know if i do do it x

  2. Oh my goodness, I love your makeup! So many to choose from! Glad to see I'm not only one who bought Benefit's Roller Lash right away! :)

    xx Courtney


    1. Thank you so much! I brought it as soon as i could - love it x

  3. How perfect is the Naked On The Run! I have it and I think it's currently my favourite thing in my makeup collection but u have to agree, I'm like you when it comes to going away, I still have to packs loads of everything else, just incase! :D

    Samio x


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