Pastel Trend Inspiration

I love Pinterest, i can find myself escaping into the world of photography and inspiration. Inspiration for outfit ideas, recipes to little cute house ideas and when inspiration is combined with one of my favourites trend - Pastels i can be searching and looking for hours. 

I love the pastels, i love how feminine and floating and girlie it looks. I love how you can always add a little to each and every season. From a pastel mint coat in the winter to a grouse dusty pink midi dress in the summer. This trend will always be a big part in my wardrobe and life!! 

As Spring is around the corner, i would to share with you some of my favourite pastel inspiration from Pinterest. (all these photos are from Pinterest) 

Much Love 



  1. Ahh I love pastels too! I have 3 separate pinterest boards dedicated to it... oops? I love the pictures you've chosen here, especially the last one - it's gorgeous :)

    little miss fii || Fii x

    1. They are beyond gorgeous so its okay you have 3 separate boards! If i could it would be all i wear all year around! Thank you very much, they are possibly my top favourites! x

  2. I love Pinterest too !! Great post Alice :)


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