My On Flight Must Haves

I'm not sure about you but I literally have everything plus the kitchen sink in my bag so when I comes to flying and only being able to take what I need is hard for me. As some of you know if you do follow me on Twitter and Instagram then you would have seen some of my holiday snaps.  I thought it was just perfect timing, i hope that you find this little post helpful and maybe gives you a couple of idea what to  take with you in your bag. 

The first thing i do is take some time to think about is how long the flights going to be, and as we were going flying tp Portugal, i realised i didn't need to take to much on flight essentials as it was just a two hour flight. This is the most easiest way to find out what you will really need for example: it takes me a long time to read through a whole magazine so i only needed one or just downloading one film onto your phone, iPad or tablet. 

Once i have deiced whether i want to take a magazine or film (i chose both - not exactly the point but hay!) I then add any personal items such as sunglasses, lip balm, anti-baterial gel, hair bands and hair clips anything that for me will make the plan journey go quicker! 

I hope this was a help or just an inside to what i like to take with me. I would love to know what your inflight must haves are? 

Much Love 



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