My October Favourites!

I know i know I'm so late with uploading my October favourites but i honestly can't be dealing with how fast this year is going!!!! 

I haven't done a favourites a quite a while just because i have been using the same things each month and haven't really dabbled into anything new however i do i have new favourites so i thought id share them with you! 

First of all make up, i haven't brought any new make up in a while just haven't been in the mood however i have rediscovered a couple of pieces from my collection.  Naked Palette and bare minerals powder, avon super shock mascara.

Just one fashion item I've been loving this month is of course the pink coat. 

A couple of random favourites this month have been the TV series Breaking Bad and Gossip Girl - I'm so behind on this i know!!! and also vinella latte.

What are your favourites of October? 

Much Love 



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