Birthday Meal, Family and Cats

Hello Lovelies,

I love Sundays they are time for spending quality time with family and its even better when its over a lovely meal. Today I did just that plus it was even more special as it was also my birthday meal! We went to this lovely restaurant called Williams it was on this farm called Tewin Bury Farm. For starter I had this gorgeous tomato soup - it had olives in it- for main I had roast beef which was amazing!!! Lately for pudding - which of course is the best bit - i had lemon and bee pollen meringue pie. After our lovely lunch we went back to our Grandparents and had tea and coffee, I played with the two cats which have called Tiger and Holly. It has been a gorgeous day today which topped it all off. Below are pictures of my lovely day. I hope you enjoy this post and the pictures!

I hope you had a lovely weekend and rest of the week! A new post will be up on tuesday. 

Much Love 

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