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My boyfriend and I recently had a little trip to Windsor, neither of us had ever been before, I had always wanted to visit the castle so this gave us a perfect opportunity. Of course once we had finished wondering the little side streets, I just had to do a little bit of shopping. 

Over the last couple of weeks I've been finding the shops a little hard to wonder around and finding some nice bits as a lot of the shops have one side full of summer clothing and the other jumpers and knit wear -all to confusing for me. However when I was wondering around Windsor it didn't feel like this so of course I picked up just a few little items. 

As always The Body Shop was the first stop for me and as I left my boyfriend outside ( as he doesn't like coming in the shops with me - doesn't anyone else partner do this?) I wondered in. Being the beauty girl I am, I went in wanting a body scrub and came out with few more items. 

First items I picked up, were there new face masks. This has been all over social media and have a lot of publicity around them, so of course theses were a must for me. I am going to do a review on them which i'll go into more detail about at a later stage. The ones i picked up are Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask and Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask. The last few items I needed, Grapefruit scrub and body butter ( which is my favourite scent ) 

I also popped into Toyshop. I am loving them at the moment, they have some gorgeous pieces in. A few of the items I was after they didn't have in my size (bank account did a little sigh) however I picked up two jumpers. 

First is a gorgeous grey, I love grey jumpers. I think they look gorgeous on and can be paired with anything. A perfect Autumn staple piece. Secondly another jumper, this one is a pink ribbed, very slouchy and comfy - which for me is a must with a jumper. They had some really gorgeous lovely pieces in and I'm sure there will be another Topshop haul in the coming months.

One final item, I didn't purchase this in Windosr but it is too gorgeous to leave out. I change my bags as each season change ( doesn't anyone see do this) of course I was after the perfect autumn/ winter bag. My warbdore contains a lot of navy, white, black and mustard as it gets colder so i needed a bag that would compliment each item well. I came across this gorgeous dark tan tote from Accessories. The detailing on this bag is to die for and I knew I just had to have it. 

Just a few little times I've picked up recently! 

Much Love


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