This Summer .... I Want To

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I did one of these I think maybe last year or the year before. Its a post I always go back to and like to read. So I thought id do a updated This Summer, I want to. 

Summer, for me is the chance to start over, develop and grow into your self whether that be having the confidence to wear that dress at the party, or by eating a little bit better or even taking time out for yourself.

Drink Plenty Of Water 
I've been doing so well over the last couple of weeks with water intake. I will always carry around bottled water and if I'm at work I'll have a 2 litre one that just follows me around. During the summer I really want to carry on with this habit as I've doing so well already!! 

Read, Read, Read
I always go through stages with reading some months it's all I do and other I barely touch a book. Summer for me is the perfect time to pick up a book and snuggle by the fire outside and lose yourself in a summer romance. If you have any recommendation do let me know!

Enjoy The Little Moments 
I find myself always getting excited over the big places that are made during the warmer months and I find myself not interested or forgetting those smaller memories like going for a drink after work for a little chat up with work girlies. 
This summer I want to remember these and not take them for granted, live in the small moments and the bigger ones will follow. 

Write a Diary 
Every since I was littler I always wanted to write a summer diary and before I could pick it up summer was over. This very much linked into my Enjoy The Little Moments, by writing down what summer ended up being is a chance for the memories to stay forever and to always read back. 

These are the things I would like to achieve over the summer, do you have anything you would like to do? 

Much Love 


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