January Favourites

Its that time again!!! 

First favourites of 2016!! 

Make up favourites haven't really changed for me over the last couple of months, i'm still loving Estee Lauder Double Wear, Nars Sheer Glow and benefits Hoola - on a side note I do want to try a new foundation so any suggestion?! 

Skin care and bath products: i have been loving lush for bath bombs and also Ted Baker Bubble Bath. Both are just perfect for a relaxing evening. 

Skin care for me has changed in the last couple of months, I have been using a lot of Elemis and Clarins. My skin has been super annoying, a lot of breakouts and oiliness. I have been really religious with I've products I've been using and from that I have noticed a differences - another side note I am going to do an updated skin care, in which i'll go into more detail about products and what exactly I use. 

Fashion favourites: have to be oversized jumpers and scarfs. I can not get enough of them. The weather has differently got a lot colder in the last couple of weeks so they are just perfect for laying with and under coats. 

To finish, random favourites. Board games have been a massive must for me, we have had a few family games. Dark nails have also been a favourite, I love the dark purples and navy. 

Of course this would be in, I am so so happy that its back on Netflix after a break of 5 months. I'm loving it so far. 

Much Love


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