The Midi Skirt

I have loved midi skirts this summer and I have been lovely them into Autunm too. I feel like this one piece of clothing makes any girl feel feminine, classy and just want to spin round and round - I do anyways... You can wear literally anything with a midi skirt from a gorgeous floating girlie top to a big think knit jumper. I can difenatly will be wearing them for as long as I possibly can, you can still get some lovely ones for the Autunm such as burgundy, textured and some are even made out of scuba material to help you kep warm in the colder months - that blow my mind completey! I thought today I would show you my favourites.

1. Asos
2. Topshop

Much Love 



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  1. Hey! I've tagged u to do the Autumn tag! Check out my blog for more details! Keep up the amazing blog posts! xox


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