The Fine Art of Ballet


Ballet is just one type of dance that i have loved for many many years and still to this day i think its magical!! Just the way the girls and boys slide around the stage making it look effortless and trust me its that hardest type of dance i have ever had the privilege to do. 

Anyways, over the last couple of months i have been helping my old dance studio, to create there shows. I have always danced in them over the last 14 years and this year i saw how it all worked. From teaching the young children in my class the dance to putting up the backdrops till 8 at night!! 

It has defiantly been an emotional weekend of shows for many different reasons and people! But i have to say I've never been so proud of my little girls that got on stage at the very young age of 3! 

If any of you have ever danced or do still dance, comment below saying what you dance and how long! I'd love to know!!

Hope you are all having a good day and/or evening! 

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