Ever Gone Into A Shop....

Ever gone in a shop and just walked around looking at everything and anything. Then realising your at the till buying about every single beauty product there is....well that was me at the weekend. I didn't even go in for a reason, just for a wonder (which is deadly for me) 

However as much as i didn't need this stuff, as i do already have a growing collection of make up, nail polish and all things to do with beauty, i just couldn't resisted myself! I have some photos of what i brought and how much I'm liking them at the moment down below! :)  

The Maybelline Rocket Mascara! This is amazing i wore it today for the very first time and at the moment I'm in love with it! However i find that is smudges under your eyes a bit (this could be because i was under stage lighting all day) but either way it volumes you lashes and doesn't clump them! Defiantly will be purchasing this as well as the waterproof one for the summer months!! 

The Scandaleyes Eyeliners from Rimmel are just the best pencil eyeliners i have ever brought and to be honest I'm not an pencil kinda girl i like my liquid! The two colour i got was the nude and brown and they look lovely together as well as being cheap!!

The BEST concealer EVER!! this has to be my 4/5 tube of it! Words can not describe this product. It covers everything from a big red stop to under eye darkness! It doesn't smudge or move through the day and it is defiantly 16 hour stay! Love it!!

So there just a couple of the products that Ive brought recently! There were too many to show you everything in one post! I hope you enjoyed reading this and are having a loving day or evening!! 


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