Top 3 Bronzers

I find it really hard to find a natural looking bronzer for paler skin. I think a lot of them either look to orange or too muddy on the skin. However I have found my top 3 that I love and I think will be in my top 3 for a very long time and today I'm going to share then with you, hope you enjoy. 

Right to left - Estee Lauder Aerin Illuminating Bronzer, Sleek Contouring Palette, Benefit Hoola

Estee Lauder Aerin Illuminating Bronzer is my most newest to my collection and I have fallen in with it. It gives a really gorgeous glow when used on checks, forehead however because it has a slight shimmer to it, its not the best product to use for contouring but as a normal bronzing powder is it stunning! This product does make me feel a million dollars when I have it on. 

Sleek Contouring Palette is my staple. This palette as a whole is just amazing and perfect for travelling. The bronzer in it is just lovely and does what it says on the packet. I do use this more for contouring as its matte and slight bit dark for me skin tone, just make sure you blend it in well, it just make your cheekbones pop! 

Lastly Benefit Hoola, this is a good all rounder whether its bronzing up the whole face or as a contour. I find this product to be very build-able and gives a gorgeous bronzed look. The only downside is the packaging as its a pain to fit in a make up bag, apart from that i love it! 

Much Love 



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